Super Mario Sunshine Insane Mode

Gecko code which randomly provides effects to screw up your gameplay. Inspired by Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition.


Only works with US version.
If you soft lock, press DPad Down to restart the stage.

Enable cheats, add this code to your code list, check it off and run the game.
It probably won't run with other codes because it is very close to the code limit. Effects will go on randomly the moment you are in game and will reset between stages.

Gecko Code


  1. Teleporting Mario
  2. Gravity Reduce
  3. Bad Camera
  4. Coin spawn
  5. Mario Flag Randomizer
  6. Restart Teleport
  7. Spam Water Bottles
  8. Mario Random Noises
  9. Mario Does Many Jumps
  10. Mario Slow Damage
  11. Expand Sun
  12. Particles
  13. Bad Textures
  14. Launch Mario
  15. Clumsy Mario
  16. Terrifying Mario
  17. Fast Mario
  18. Mario Can't Touch Anything
  19. Fludd only causes more pollution
  20. All NPCs Gravitate Towards Mario