Super Mario Sunshine Bin Editor
  • Editor for Super Mario Sunshine bin files to modify scenes and more for creating ROM hacks.
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Super Mario Sunshine Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer mod for Super Mario Sunshine
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Super Mario Sunshine: Insane Mode
  • Gecko code that causes random effects to happen in Super Mario Sunshine.
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Time Lapse Arena
  • Top-down action shooter with time altering weaponry. XNA demonstration of a time altering game engine. A Blastsoft original.
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Steam App Buddy
  • Quickly sort or auto-sort Steam Games, add and edit non-steam shortcuts, and backup your vdf files.
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Wallpaper Scheduler
  • Quickly and easily set a wallpaper for each hour of the day, using this utility!
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Pirates: A rogue-like Adventure
  • Pirate themed roguelike game based off flexible engine. (Incomplete)
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Risk War Calculator
  • Calculate your Risk World Domination Wars/Battles with this handy tool.
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Four Swords Script Editor
  • Edits bmg script files in Four Swords Adventures to allow you to change language text.
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Steam Game Decider
  • Allows you to quickly decide what game to play based off genre and players.
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Red Alert 2 Addon Manager
  • Manages add-ons for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 in an easy to use User Interface
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Cortex Command Map Generator
  • Quickly generates Cortex Command maps for you to your specifications.
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